Recent and planned developments in HIRLAM

in the area of

Boundary layer and surface parametrizations

Laura Rontu, 2.11.2005

The Northern Temperature Problem
and the new snow-forest-surface parametrization

Stefan Gollvik, SMHI
Patrick Samuelsson, SMHI
Ernesto Rodriguez, INM
Sander Tijm, KNMI  ... workshops ... Nordic Temperature Problem, Sodankylä Summer School

Renewal of the ISBA surface scheme
Important and urgent thing for the operational HIRLAM

Development of the moist CBR-turbulence scheme

Sander Tijm, KNMI
Bent Hansen Sass, DMI
Important current thing in  the development of HIRLAM-ALADIN physics

Implementation of the recent  theoretical ideas for the  HIRLAM stable boundary layer parametrizations

Veniamin Perov, SMHI
Sergei Zilitinkevich, UH
Ivan Mammarella, FMI-UH

Several published and submitted publications!

Important thing in the further development of HIRLAM-ALADIN physics

To be discussed today!

Towards three-dimensional turbulence parametrizations

Veniamin Perov, SMHI
ALADIN colleagues

Important long-term direction within the mesoscale HIRLAM-ALADIN physics.
Systematic thinking, planning and practical work to be started.

Recoding of the HIRLAM physical parametrizations

HIRLAM physics team

Basic elements recoded, testing to start 2006. Externalization of surface code during 2006.

Systematic analysis and comparison of NWP results to Sodankylä measurements

Everyday operational comparison of HIRLAM and ARPEGE results to Sodankylä meteorological mast observations at
Markku Kangas FMI
Eric Bazile, Meteo France
Cisco de Bruijn, KNMI

Data and tools being collected for validation of parametrization schemes, using Sodankylä
Several independent studies ongoing by different people. Data and tools hidden in different corners.

Timo Vihma, wintertime temperatures and energy balance (HIRLAM, ongoing)
Zhenya Atlaskin, wintertime temperatures and energy balance (HIRLAM, ongoing)
Eric Bazile, wintertime temperatures and energy balance (ARPEGE, done and ongoing)
Priit Tisler, wind (HIRLAM, done)
Nastya Senkova, radiation balance under clear and cloudy sky (HIRLAM, to be started)
+ surely many others, at least interested

To be discussed today!

HIRLAM point of view on the expected outcome of the present-day meeting

  1. Review and discussion of the ongoing studies - Continuation of the Nordic Temperature Meeting and Sodankylä Summer School 2005 discussions. Collecting relevant references of published works.
  2. Plans and priorities of the future studies, especially in the area of application of the new theoretical developments for HIRLAM stable boundary layer parametrizations
  3. Agreement and plan how to create a freely available, regularly updated centre of Sodankylä observational data and related tools, with descriptions