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Active pages

Tartu workshop, January 2005. Updated April, 2005

Nordic temperature problem. Updated March, 2005

HIRLAM physics cleaning. Updated September, 2005

Hydmet course (mostly in Finnish), 2005. Updated April, 2005

Presentations(mostly in Finnish), 2005. Updated May, 2005

FMI HIRLAM documents, internal page

Hirlam user info (mostly in Finnish), 2005. Updated May, 2005

Nordic MetNet. Air-quality related, requires password.

Moved to other places

Nordic Network on Fine Scale Atmospheric Modelling, 2005-2007, is found at netfam.fmi.fi

POLLEN has moved to pollen.fmi.fi

STUK-SILAM data on siirtynyt Viranomaisportaaliin virpo.fmi.fi

Ilmanlaatudata MAQ muuttaa Ilmatieteen laitoksen sisäiseen osoitteeseen meteor.fmi.fi


Baltic HIRLAM 2003-2004

HIRLAM Data Assimilation Workshop 2002 (moved to FMI internal pages)

BALTEX - Bridge 1999-2002 (moved to FMI internal pages)

EMHI course, 2000 (moved to FMI internal pages)

Riga HIRLAM course, 1998

The oldest WINTEX page 1997 (moved to FMI internal pages)

Old WINTEX page 1997 (moved to FMI internal pages)

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