HIRLAM workshop on convection and clouds
Tartu, Estonia, 24-26.1.2005

A HIRLAM-ALADIN mini-workshop on convection and cloud processes will be arranged in January 24-26, 2005 in Tartu, Estonia. The aim of the workshop is to join HIRLAM and ALADIN-MF people working in the area of convection and cloud processes to review the state of art, discuss the strategy, tasks and plans in the way towards explicit convection and microphysics in fine scale HIRLAM/ALADIN, interactions with the nonhydrostatic dynamics. Guests from groups using and developing the UKMO, COSMO and other NWP models are very welcome to participate in the workshop. The following topics related to the present state of the convection and cloud parametrizations and the future resolved convection and explicit microphysics formulations are suggested for discussion: The workshop will start in the morning of Monday, January the 24th, and end around midday of Wednesday, January the 26th. Extendend abstracts of the workshop presentations will be published as a workshop report: printed as HIRLAM/NetFAM workshop report and in web.

Printed report (pdf, 7 MB)
Final version 4.5.2005

Workshop announcement

Programme of the workshop with links to the presentation files and extended abstracts (2.5.2005)

List of participants


The workshop was arranged in the framework of Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmosperic Modelling funded by NordForsk(former NorFA).

Department of Environmental Physics, University of Tartu
contact Marko Kaasik, mkaasik at physic.ut.ee

International HIRLAM-6 project
contact Laura Rontu, laura.rontu at fmi.fi