HIRLAM Physics Cleaning Week

26.-30. September 2005, KNMI, Netherlands

Working programme

(with links to presentations and notes)

Monday 26

9:00 Opening of the meeting, practical arrangements

9:15 Introductory presentations (max 20min) and discussions

Laura: Remarks on HIRLAM physics cleaning (pdf)

Bent: What do the ALADIN reference thermodynamic equations and interface rules mean for HIRLAM physics development?(pdf)

Sami: RADIA to ALADIN (pdf)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Plans for the week, expected outcome, working methods

Accepting a work plan for the week

Expected outcome of the meeting

Understanding, starting or continuing the cleaning work of HIRLAM physics to suit the HIRLAM-ALADIN-AROME framework

Working paper on physics cleaning (draft: pdf tex)

Comments on HIRLAM-ALADIN physics plans 2006 and beyond (find three drafts here, under 'plans')

14:00 Dividing into the working teams:

Suggested work in teams

- meeting of teams, plans and practical arrangements for the week

- starting the work

15:00 Coffee break

15:30-17:30 First discussions of HIRLAM-ALADIN physics plans 2006 and beyond

including also: current (short-term) problems + suggested solutions

Tuesday 27

9:00 Morning meeting: discussion about system

Gerard: Integration project and tools for handling of HIRLAM code (ppt)

Erik van Meijgaard: Experiences with porting ECMWF physics into HIRLAM (ppt)

Han The: Implementing the ECOCLIMAP database in HIRLAM (ppt)

Pier Siebesma: Towards unified turbulence-shallow convection parametrization (ppt)

11:00-17:30 Work in teams

Wednesday 28

9:00 Morning meeting: discussion about surface

Eric Martin: SURFEX structure and contents (ppt)

Stefan: HIRLAM surface code developments (pdf)

11:00-17:30 Work in teams

Thursday 29

9:00 Morning meeting: final discussions

- reports of teams

Notes on radiation
Notes on turbulence
Notes on surface
Notes on upper level physics restructuring

- accepting the working paper on physics cleaning pdf

- final discussion of HIRLAM-ALADIN physics plans 2006 and beyond

Friday 30


9:00-11:30 Work in teams


Practical arrangements at KNMI.
KNMI people

Preparation of introductory presentations
Laura, Bent, Sami, Stefan, Han, Eric M, Gerard et al.:

Suggestion for preparation of preliminary working plans for the three working teams;
Stefan-Han-Eric (surface)
Sander-Bent- (CBR - convection)
Sami-Laura- (cloud microphysics - RADIA)

Preparation of HIRLAM physics plan 2006 and beyond
ongoing by MG and MG-ALADIN working groups

Preparation of the draft for working paper of HIRLAM physics cleaning
aims, cleaning questions, principles, schedule ...
Laura et al.