Clean physics for HIRLAM

This page has been set up to contain information and working documents about the overhaul of HIRLAM physics. Official documents and plans are found at HeXNet. The present site aims to provide a quick collection of discussion material only.


HIRLAM-ALADIN Mini-workshop on physics and diagnostics, in Oslo 12-13.12.2005:

Programme with links to presentations, updated 17.12.2005

Cleaning week at KNMI, 26-30.9.2005:

Programme (with links to presentations and notes)

Documents and drafts

Implementation of HIRLAM physics in ALADIN, draft September 2005 (pdf file, Bent Hansen Sass).

Working paper on physics cleaning, updated 30.10.2005 (pdf) (tex)

Tartu workshop, January 2005, report of working group on physics interfaces (pdf file, Jean-Francois Geleyn)

ASM05, April 2005. Notes from the working group on evolution of physics from synoptic to mesoscale (html) and introductory remarks before the working group (slightly updated extended abstract as pdf, Laura Rontu).

Reference thermodynamic equations for ALADIN as suggested by Bart Catry and Jean-Francois Geleyn, June 2005 (pdf).


Hardcoded HIRLAM constants as found in a pre-ISBA-version and modified for Mars-HIRLAM (text file, Janne Kauhanen from Helsinki University).

Comments on PHYS parameter list (pdf file, Han The)

Example of Fortran-90 recoding for ALADIN (STRACO with stuff, a gzipped tar file, Bent Hansen Sass)

Recoded RADIA for ALADIN (a gzipped tar file, Sami Niemelä), with explanations

CVS directory for browsing of HIRLAM reference source codes


Draft for HIRLAM-ALADIN physics plan, August 2005 (doc)

Draft for HIRLAM-ALADIN surface plan, September 2005 (doc)

Plan-report on HIRLAM physics 2005-2006, notes September 2005 (pdf) (tex)

Useful links

HIRALD page at DMI

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